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:: Harnessed to German nationalism and the rise of Hitler he felt that authenticity for the German people was to be seen in National Socialism and let his philosophy endorse the most brutishly unphilosophical of regimes:: Im still confounded by how some of you manage to work full time and blog:: She was a golden girl in her youth having excelled academically and at sport:: a captain of foot:: Last but not least I deem it an honour and a rare privilege to write about her:: The verses of the Sura up to here have referred to the indecencies in brief:: She insisted charges be brought against the man for his indecent behavior:: I mean this is malefaction unimaginable violence against young women:: My bets are on number three to win and Im almost positive that she will:: If you wouldnt mind stepping out of the car well just perform a routine search and be on our way:: She lay there for a moment until she heard a loud scream from behind her:: the flight landed for a refuelling stop:: Police suspect there are one or more groups of robbers operating in the area:: If you appear to have exerciseinduced asthma you may bring on symptoms by doing vigorous physical activity:: The cornerstone of Army victory is the health and vigor of its soldiers
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