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:: They agitated for American independence and the abolishment of slavery in the United States:: :: One is through sense perception and the other through a direct sort of apprehension of existence:: I am very nervous and apprehensive particularly as the hours are ticking away:: It was fulfilling to see a club that has battled against adversity for so long finally get back to where they believe they rightly belong :: Tulips are irrepressibly cheerful flowers and beloved symbols of spring and renewal:: His real sentiments were likely far from congratulatory :: My own hospitality paled in comparison with the stories that circulated in medical circles but my sense of entitlement rationalised this greed and excess as harmless and acceptable:: Patients commonly reported headache fever nausea or vomiting stiff neck and photophobia:: Pidgin is spoken slowly and graspingly has no formal set of rules or consistent structure and relies heavily on the speakers native languages:: She responds with a right hook and catches him off guard:: Volunteers should be available for a 3 hour period each week and should have a friendly outgoing personality and helpful caring disposition:: The unit has the raw talent and experience to compete with anyone and appears to have the best chemistry of any grouping:: It passes from the liver to the heart where it revitalises the vital spirit and to brain where it revitalises the animal spirits:: I was waiting on an uncomfortable plastic chair to be seen by a nurse:: One could justly add that Spielbergs magic touch is tangible even if it appears a little unconcerned :: The crown and roots of these infected plants turn dark and soft and the leaves usually wilt :: It caused uproar at the time but the wily Italian must be sitting back with a smug smile puffing on that metaphorical cigar
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