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:: Apathy was probably the word she learned in school that day or had read in the latest book she was devouring :: In death he was widely mourned but as much for his joie de vivre as for his rugby:: He spins round and lifts the teapot with a smile the mournfulness temporarily gone trapped beneath a professional veneer:: That is why while I often criticize the sluggards and incompetents in government my admiration for the good guys is boundless:: Slowly weakly he curled his arms back around her his movements sluggish and uncaring:: due to lack of space:: Through 21 years she was a loving wife and devoted partner:: I ditched my leather shoes and even gulp drank soy milk in my total devotion to her ideals:: Imagine someone voting for Feingold and then not living up to a Feingoldesque standard of virtue :: The consummation the crowning glory of a welllived life happiness would be granted only to the worthy the virtuous the godlike happy few:: I noticed that land was only about one hundred yards away but there was a fierce battle being fought:: Somehow you feel that even now 17 years later hes still exerting his influence from beyond the grave :: You traduced my name around the world without ever having asked me a single question:: Christmas will be a memory that we will cherish forever as it was such a happy joyous time Gould said:: It poked its little head out of his lap and its little blue eyes were darling :: The pious ejaculations they contain their allusions to the manners of the times fix them to the fifteenth century:: And are we clear that we will not add to the burdens of another through punishment and indignity :: The many fundamental reasons that people resort to terror remain unaddressed
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