English to Swahili Meaning of deduction - punguzo

Deduction :

punguzo, kuondoa, ubaguzi, kutelekezwa, hoja, hitimisho, hukumu, kukata, kukisia, nadharia tete, dhana, dhulma, mkataba, posho, kutoa, upambanuzi, hesabu, kujitenga, mapumziko, kuvunjika

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Definitions of deduction in English
Noun(1) a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated; reduces taxes by the percentage fixed for the taxpayer's income bracket(2) an amount or percentage deducted(3) something that is inferred (deduced or entailed or implied(4) reasoning from the general to the particular (or from cause to effect(5) the act of subtracting (removing a part from the whole(6) the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise
Examples of deduction in English
(1) For one thing, it helps to explain how we come to know things via deduction .(2) During the national election campaign, Mr. Klein boasted he'd open more private clinics and begin a tax deduction based on income to raise more revenue.(3) Albert is thus led to present a highly systematized theory of the forms of inference, which represents a major step forward in the medieval theory of logical deduction .(4) Rhetoric and dialectic rely on the same theory of deduction and induction.(5) Schopenhauer calls this a logical or formal truth, meaning simply one whose ground is based on deduction , rather than observation.(6) But it is said by Mr. May that there is no evidence to support his conclusion or justify the deduction of 25%.(7) The report was commissioned by the TÔö£├¡naiste in December to examine the illegal charging of people in long-stay care in health board institutions through the deduction of pensions.(8) the dividend will be paid without deduction of tax(9) In Gee v. the Queen, the deduction of management fees was disallowed essentially because of lack of documentation.(10) No architect of these institutions has proceeded by deduction from general principles.(11) He disputed Gettier's claim that any deduction from a justified, but false, proposition preserves justification.(12) The first principles of a science are not subject to deduction from more basic principles.(13) In ordinary life it is rare indeed for people to form their beliefs by a process of logical deduction from facts ascertained by a rigorous search for all available evidence and a judicious assessment of its probative value.(14) Given that this isn't even his field, it was a virtuoso performance of clarity and deduction from first principles.(15) But she will only receive a cheque for about Ôö¼├║5,500 following the deduction of her own legal and medical costs.(16) Use the following chart as a guideline to determine if you are able to get a tax deduction for the amount you contribute.
Related Phrases of deduction
(1) tax deduction ::
kodi punguzo
(2) salary deduction ::
mshahara punguzo
1. subtraction ::
2. conclusion ::
3. price reduction ::
kupunguza bei
5. tax write-off ::
kodi ya kuandika-off
6. deductive reasoning ::
kupunguza mawazo
7. discount ::
1. accession ::
2. addition ::
Different Forms
deduction, deductions
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